June 25, 2010

Diners, Drive-ins & Dives

Garrett and I have been really getting into the food network this summer. I watch that and Natgeo all the time. Anyways we have become a huge fan of this reality show. This guy whose name happens to be Guy Fieri, travels all around and finds these hole in the wall restaurants and does an entire segment on them to show why they are so good. Some of these places look amazing but, located in the most random places. We searched and found the places in Utah where he has been. Going out to dinner is so fun, but going out to dinner with a purpose and see how truly amazing it could be is even more fun. Its always fun to try new things. Here is the list for all the people in Utah:

1. Lone Star Taqueria: Holladay
2. Moochie Meatballs: Salt Lake
3. Pats BBQ: Salt Lake
4. Ruth's Diner: Salt Lake

There isn't a ton in Utah but that's enough to keep us busy for awhile.

So, our first place we went to was Lone Star. Their fish tacos were amazing. The restaurant atmosphere was so fun. People were drinking out of shoes well actually boots. The salsa, homemade chips, and guacamole were so good too. I highly recommend this place and I know I will be going back real soon.

If anyone knows any other restaurants that I need to try out here in Utah just let me know. Also, I found this website that has a list of all the places he has been. Click Here to go to it.

June 22, 2010

latest project

i just finished a project that i have needed to do. So the place where we moved into was perfect, except in the master bedroom they painted a wall bright RED. The problem is my bedding is green. So it would make my room look like Christmas all year long. I wasn't that into that idea so I decided to switch it up a bit. I have a slip cover thing for my headboard, with a matching bed skirt. So I decided to make a new slip cover, get a different bed skirt, and make a few pillows to make it all come together. This was really fun. I have really only sewn clothes over and over so making house decorations was a new and exciting thing for me. Here is how it turned out. . .

Summer Fun

well, our summer has started out with a bang. This past week and weekend was so much fun. we had Shalayne and Clayton visit us, we threw a birthday party/going away party for one of my best est friends, and celebrated Father's day with more family and friends. Scott and McCall came over and we had a Father's Day dinner. we had such a fun and exciting weekend. Wes was a champ through the whole thing. He even dropped one of his feedings at night. I'm loving life now. I only have to wake up once a night now. Whoo Hoo!!!

Here are some pics:

I love these little girls!

Here is Shealee and her hubby Juan. They are leaving us and moving down to St. George. I'm so sad. At least we travel through a lot when heading down to AZ, or to Cali. We will miss you guys!!!

Wes, discovered the little bugs above him at the party on his bouncer. He has never cared about them before. He was so happy and excited that he could see the them.

The party was so fun. I wish now I had more pictures of it. Oh well.

Wesley got to meet Shalayne and Clayton. Thanks for staying with us guys. we will take you anytime. :)

Here is a picture of all my boys. Duke is so funny with the baby. He has to be a close as possible to Wes at all times. Its so cute.

June 13, 2010

I'm feeling kinda left out...

So I just found out today that Stephanie Meyer has a new book out, The Short Life of Bree Tanner. I had no clue. Has anyone read it yet? I read some reviews and they were all mixed. I really don't even remember this Bree character, but was excited that she wrote something new. Just curious what you all thought t about it.

Wes went to his first fashion show last night. Our niece Morgan, got to be in Alyssa's Bridal Prom 2010 fashion show. She got to be part of a fashion camp for Alyssa's and part of it is being in several fashion shows between Utah and Vegas to help show off their new line of prom dresses. (Can we just say genius marketing for Alyssa's!) Morgan did such a fabulous job strutting her stuff on the catwalk. We are so proud of you Morgan.

Here is Morgan working it...

This is what he did the entire fashion show. I was nervous the music was to loud but I guess not.

June 10, 2010

Wesley's Nursey

Alright here is the finished product. I finally got to set up his nursery. Yay!! This was the first thing we did as soon as we got into our new place. Hopefully, these pictures will clear the air. When I describe what his room is I say, "I used oranges, tans, browns, and he has owls all over the place." The response I get is, "oh, so are you doing like a Hooters Themed room?" Here is the finished product of what I have been trying to describe:

This was the inspiration for it all. I forgot to take a picture of it before I did this post, and now Wes is asleep.

I found this dresser at DI. Such a great find after you refinish it!

Auntie Liz gave this to Wes. Cutiest night light ever! Thanks Liz.

Like Father Like Son

The other day I walked into our room and found Garrett like this...

Browse down to a few posts ago. and Wes is in the same position just on the ottoman. My boys are so cute. I love them!!!!!!

June 08, 2010

My first bath

This happened awhile ago but just got the pictures of the huge event for Wesley. Just kiding its just a bath but he hated it! He still hates getting them but doesn't cry so hard now. Maybe someday he will love them.